Four Techniques Recommended By a CouplesPartners Therpist

At some point in time, most relationships reach a rocky place, where fights are happening often and both parties are struggles to see eye to eye. Couples also go through a number of difficult and even traumatic experiences together than can quickly tear them apart. Many struggling couples are turning to psychotherapy networker help them get back the intimacy and bond they have been losing. A couples therapist often recommends four techniques to try at home in order to regain trust and intimacy once again.

Have an Honest Conversation

Often times when couples are going through a hard time, they begin to confide in other people, rather than each other. They stop talking to each other. One recommendation is to simply talk to one another and have an honest conversation. It doesnt have to be about the current situation the couple is struggling with. It can be a simple conversation about how their days went in order to start some communication up again.

Schedule Time Together

One component to couples struggling is that they simply do not get enough time together. Both parties often become busy with work, hobbies, or kids that it makes it hard to find time for one another. A sex therapist in phoenix recommends schedule time together. Whether it is once a week, or even once a month to start, it is just important to schedule that time so couples can reconnect.

Discuss Desires

When it comes to intimacy, many couples struggle to meet each others needs. It is not often due to a lack of caring, but rather a lack of communication. Oftentimes, one party, or even both, has trouble voicing their desires. During sex therapy sessions, the couple is encouraged to discuss these desires openly. It will help each person learn what the other is wanting, and help make the occasion enjoyable for both them.

Emotionally Focused Therapy

During emotionally focused therapy, couples are urged to share their emotions in a different manner. Rather than saying how angry the other person makes them, the first party should instead state why they themselves are upset. Emotions play a major role in how a relationship is going and learning to express those emotions properly can help bring the couple closer.

Marriage Therapists in the Phoenix area recommend a wide range of techniques to try in order to get couples to work together and have better communication. While these four methods are some of the most commonly recommended, there are others to try as well if these are not working for the couple.