Get The Best Supplier of Window &Terrace Awnings In Delhi

Get The Best Supplier of Window &Terrace Awnings In Delhi

Awnings are being used for a long time and their demand is increasing consistently at a rapid pace due to their specific features & functionality they offer. Window and terrace awnings are used in homes, malls, restaurants, resorts and several other places. A wide range of manufacturers and suppliers are available in the market that deal in this business. If you are looking for quality awnings, then approach only the trusted manufacturers as well as suppliers of window awnings in Delhi. One name in this regard is Design and Decor, window coverings specialist located in Delhi. The company offers superb quality window & terrace awnings since many years. They have experienced team members who use high quality material to design awnings in elegant designs. Now, it is one of the reckoned manufacturers & suppliers of not only window awnings, but also terrace awnings in Delhi. The overall credit for earning this reputation goes to its customer-centric approach and professional team mates.


A Brief Overview of Window Awnings
Window awnings are very helpful for regulating as well as controlling direct light of sun coming into the room. These awnings provide several performance benefits to the users as they help reduce heat up to 80%, give 99% protection against harmful UV rays and reduce glare up to 80%. Window awnings in Delhi, designed by Design and Decor are the perfect material for increasing privacy, adding security and aesthetic value to any application. These awnings are widely known for their versatility as well as functionality and come in a broad range of fabrics, patterns, designs and colors. They add different style along with shade to your rooms and windows. Another important benefit of these awnings is that they are available at a very reasonable cost.


Features of Window Awnings

  • Hassle-free assembly and installation
  • Raw materials and fabrics of the superb quality
  • Automatic as well as motorized
  • Top-notch quality color and frame



  • High durable
  • Waterproof
  • Provide effective heat protection
  • Soothing appearance


An Overview of Terrace Awnings
Like window awnings, Design and Decor provides matchless quality terrace awnings in Delhi at affordable prices. Terrace is a place where most of the people sit to get complete relaxation and peace of mind after working for long hours. These are the places that give extreme comfort in all the seasons. Terrace awnings ensure cool climate along with excellent protection against UV rays. They come in different dimensions, sizes and colors as per the requirements of the clients.



  • Easy to install
  • Catchier designs
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High grade fabric



  • Sturdy construction
  • High durability
  • Water resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly economical


After going through the overview of both of these awnings, it has become clear that they play a very crucial role for providing protection from light and ultra violet rays. To get these awnings with matchless quality & competitive prices, approach Design and Decor, the leading manufacturer as well as supplier of window and terrace awnings in Delhi.