This study aimed to investigate the effects of frequency

Fig. 9 shows the comparison between the present study and Ref. [14] in terms of isolation efficiency of geofoam wave barriers and normalized depth. The normalized depth and normalized distance to vibration source for the present study and Ref. [14] were in the range of D ≈ 0.5–1.5, L = 0.59–1.64 and D = 0.57–0.84, L = 0.92–1.36, respectively. The measurement distance behind the trench for this 3X FLAG tag Peptide study and [14] is 12 m and 15 m, respectively. Furthermore, the impedance ratio, IR (Eq. 1), between the soil and barrier was found to be approximately 0.01 for the current study and 0.04 for the study of Ref. [14].equation(1)IR=ρg×Vgρs×Vswhere, ρg is the density of geofoam, ρs is the density of soil, Vg and Vs are the shear wave velocities of geofoam and soil, respectively.
Fig. 9. Comparison of the amplitude reduction ratios obtained from this study with that of reported in Alzawi and El Naggar [14] for geofoam wave barrier.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide