Indie Motion Photographs Contemplate Grassroots Cash

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Widespread illegal downloading has brought a severe toll on profit margins of studios, forcing most of them to significantly downgrade their independent divisions. Oddly enough, it's more risky to buy a 1 billion dollar independent film (and this can be targeted towards a smaller, more cultured and intellectually curious audience) than it can be to invest in a 200 high dollar film (that is cross-promoted with take out toys, cereal box covers and much more, and targeted at the mass audience). And the word "risk" doesn't often escape the lips in the shrewd businessmen that run Hollywood currently.
The grassroots fund-raising movement has enjoyed modest success on the globe of independent film-making, which is fast rising. Sites for example, which hosts video clip, music, art and social projects, has been featured in Newsweek, Forbes and The New York Times among others. runs using a similar model, and focuses its hosted projects inside area of short and show length films. On both sites, individual artists post their project proposals then elicit donations of all sizes from patrons in the arts online.
However, a new American couple based in Berlin, Sarah Morris and Ryan James, have founded, and still have taken this grassroots concept one logical step further. Onward, Amazing People! is the post-apocalyptic comedy written by James, which is intended to be an official feature film production - with a budget of $300,000 - made which has a professional cast and crew. In this case, it employs the grassroots model not just in raise funds, but to elude the always imposing problem of distribution. That is, Jumper Cable Films has structured its donation model to elicit small donations (a modestly priced "advance movie ticket" at $7.50) from a wide pool of supporters, thus guaranteeing that no one loses their shirts to generate the film, high will be a significant audience already set up once the film is created.
While Jumper Cable Films does employ many in the traditional hallmarks of crowd-funding - for example certain perks for higher degrees of donation - their fund-raising model has what comes from voting power because of their audience members. In investing in a ticket with a film that they genuinely are interested in come to life, the target audience is thus extending faith for the filmmakers that the quality and entertainment value of Onward, Amazing People! will come across their expectations. In return just for this faith, the Jumper Cable Films team is providing a thorough behind-the-scenes view from the production in "real-time".
Once audience members buy their advance "ticket", they've joined a residential area of like-minded champions with the arts, film geeks, and the usual curious individuals that can follow across the trials and tribulations from the film-makers. From owning a 300-line budget to casting sessions to creative and strategic discussions while using Director, these ticket holders doesn't just receive a digital copy from the film they've helped produce, they'll receive an exclusive, engaging inside view during the entire entire film-making process from pre- to post-production.
Touted as "blazing a quirky path through sci-fi and cult classic models", Onward, Amazing People!