Advances in Cosmetic Dental Allow Everyone to Have a Beautiful Smile

Todays dentists have a lot of technology available to them that simply didnt exist a generation ago. Many elderly people today wear dentures merely because dentists did not have the tools necessary to save damaged teeth that they have now. Instead of extracting a tooth that is decayed, cracked or otherwise damaged, a veneer teeth can repair the tooth or fit it for a crown that looks just like a natural tooth. In cases where the tooth cannot be saved, an implant can replace the natural tooth. Dental implants are covered with natural-looking crowns and function just like regular teeth.

Cosmetic dentist do more than fix major problems. They also tackle issues that are much easier to correct. For example, many people are dissatisfied with the color of their teeth. Drug store shelves are filled with toothpastes that claim to whiten teeth and gels that anyone can purchase over-the-counter to wear overnight. While some of these products work, they can irritate the gums and the gels can get a bit messy. Dentists can whiten teeth in the office with special equipment that is less likely to bother sensitive gums and is much more effective than anything that can be purchased over-the-counter.

Veneers can correct a number of complaints patients today have about the appearance of their teeth. They cover the teeth so imperfections such as chips, cracks and stains are unnoticeable. A cosmetic dentist such as Dr Dona Prince might suggest veneers for patients who would benefit from veneers. Since they are permanently affixed to the front of the teeth, they are a great alternative to crowns for people whose teeth are structurally sound but aesthetically unappealing.

Good dental care is important for anyone who wants to have a beautiful smile. While cosmetic service can correct a lot of problems after they develop, its always better to prevent oral health issues whenever possible. Dentist recommend that everyone should get their teeth examined and professionally cleaned twice every year. Between visits, its essential to brush and floss every day to remove plaque and prevent tooth decay.

Crowns and veneers can be brushed just like natural teeth. Before they are ordered, the dentist generally tries to match crowns and veneers as closely to the color of the surrounding teeth as possible. After they are in place, its very important to take good care of the natural teeth to ensure the appliances remain as inconspicuous as possible. The average person cant tell the difference between a crown or veneer and a natural tooth when theyre all the same color.