Men have to do a good job in the summer of protective measures to protect their own sperm.

Now in the hot summer, some of the male friends are ready to be pregnant in the summer, Family doctor online expert said that the summer is a great test for sperm, Because of the production of sperm, is a place of fear of high temperature, nike free  the temperature of the sperm to bear lower than the body temperature, If the male's testis is in a high temperature environment, the quality of sperm will be greatly reduced. So, men should do a good job in the summer of protective measures to protect their own sperm.

Pants as easy as possible to facilitate the heat dissipation

The evolution of human beings so that the male genitals exposed in vitro, rather than shrinking into the body is a reason, is to let it breathe. Nike free schweiz  When human civilization is gradually developing, people have a sense of shame after the leaves, fabric cover. Even so, people still have to pay attention, do not let the heat killed the sperm. For men, the testis is the most afraid of high temperature organs, the summer heat of the sperm is more lethal.

Experts suggest that men in the summer, wearing pants as far as possible, so that faster heat dissipation, cotton underwear better ventilation. Air max Experts suggest, men can be in the summer night proper naked, "liberation".

Is it not suitable for the summer to make people?

Sperm quality is relatively low in the summer, it is willing to be the new parents of small couples are not suitable for the summer "made people"?The sperm quality of summer does not mean that can not be pregnant. Experts explained that the poor quality of sperm in the summer, the energy is not enough, air max schweiz but that the couple "made man" the success rate is lower than in the spring, But once successful, the healthy state of the fertilized egg is still good.

Experts pointed out that the total number of sperm in the summer, less energy. For example, a man suffering from a weak sperm disease, the proportion of normal sperm before swimming is not high, That is to say, the mature sperm inseminated successfully punctured the ability is relatively low. In the summer, this ratio may be reduced to zero, that is, there is no possibility of pregnancy.

But for normal male, summer spermatozoon quality is poorer, but there are still a number of mature sperm health. Air max 90 Finally, as long as a sperm can pierce the fertilised eggs, the successful completion of the task. Experts said that at present, there is no research confirmed that the child born in the summer of pregnancy, the defect rate will be higher than the other seasons pregnant.

To improve sperm quality from these aspects

The so-called dietary nutrition is the material basis for the day after tomorrow, so, through the diet, can achieve the role of improving sperm quality. According to the theory of kidney, kidney essence to intake of food in the food, Such as: yam, ginkgo, eel, sea cucumber, frozen tofu, tofu skin, peanut, walnut, sesame etc..

Some trace elements such as zinc, selenium, and so can enhance sperm motility, improve sperm quality.

2, pants not too tight.

Whether it is to prepare the "made man" quasi father, or in the young male, can not be ignored. Too tight pants, underwear, will make the scrotum and testis are bound, And because of poor air permeability, heat dissipation, the scrotum temperature will keep a higher than normal level, so as to affect sperm motility. And tight pants will affect the local blood circulation and impede venous blood return, resulting in congestion testis, spermatogenesis.

3, do not have a sauna, less hot water bath.

The most suitable temperature for the male testis "producing" sperm should be at 36, If more than this temperature, the formation of sperm cells will be inhibited, In addition, the vitality of the industry has been "produced" will be weakened. If the male often takes the hot water bath, especially when the temperature is above 40, the sperm quality will be a big drop.

4, no alcohol.

Alcohol has a strong stimulating effect on the growth of the cells, which can damage sperm and affect the development of embryos. Scientific verification showed that alcohol can make the synthesis of testosterone decreased, and affect the normal metabolism of testosterone, resulting in the low efficiency of the reproductive gland, the influence of sperm production and sperm quality.