Ways to Save Cash on Heating and Ac Your Home

Heating and cooling costs can take up an average of about 48 percent of utility bill expenses, according to the United States Department of Energy. Saving money in this area can thus make a big difference in total monthly expenses, especially during the hottest and coldest parts of the year. Taking a number of steps can help you limit your energy bills.

Properly Maintain Equipment

Repairing and replacing the furnace can be expensive, and a furnace or HVAC system that isnt working properly wont be as efficient as one that is. Each year, contact a company, such as heating air conditioning repair, that offers heating and cooling service calls. They can clean and maintain the equipment in the home, make any necessary repairs and let the homeowner know if the equipment needs to be replaced. In some cases, buying new equipment can be a money saver, as very old heating and cooling systems arent as energy efficient as newer versions. Companies that offer heating and cooling services may also be able to advise customers on the best new systems to purchase when this is the case.

Change Thermostat Levels

After getting HVAC Service, the next step to lowering energy bills is to program the thermostat to various temperatures for various times of the day or seasons rather than leaving it on one set temperature all the time. During the colder months, lower the temperature as much as possible, and in the summer raise the temperature setting to the highest comfortable level. Some experts recommend 68 degrees for winter days and 78 degrees for summer days. If this is too much of a change, even adjusting it a few degrees can help. The temperature can be cooler during the night, when people are typically under covers, than during the day and can also be changed to minimize expenses when nobody is in the house. According to Energy Star, when people arent home they should set the thermostat 7 degrees higher in the summer and 8 degrees lower in the winter than the temperature used when they are at home.

Other Steps

Keeping all filters on heating and cooling equipment clean and cleaning off both indoor and outdoor coils on cooling equipment can help keep expenses down as well. Another thing that can help with this is to increase the amount of insulation in the home, including that in attics and basements and on windows and doors. Check for leaks where air is escaping and get these sealed off.