J Lo perfume Review

It's unlikely that any of other perfume compare with it. It was her first perfume in fact it is continue to the only one I order. It is a bit costly, specially in department shops, so take into account acquiring it on the internet as I do. I save a lot of money. Such as, at Target and Macy's, I have come across the 3.4 oz bottle of "Glow" costed in between $37.00 and $40.00, but I acquired mine from ebay for a little over $20.00. Ladies, young and old, do yourself a favor and purchase this mind-blowing scent!

I think you will really loved this glow by jlo perfume b/c i do. This is the best fragrance! i will be the woman that dislikes "strong, heavy" perfume like Chanel No.5 and what elderly women want to use. not saying that Chanel scents poor, but it's just not the things i'm into. I really like to smell sweet and girly. I discover when you wear sweet types compared to the heavy stuff people usually ask what are you using? So if you have the very same preferences as me you might enjoy this. J Lo really offers excellent. As j.lo explained its perfume (in a press conference), it really is "fresh, soapy, sexy, clean." the simplest way to sum this aroma is, it comes with a sweet. Enough said.

I enjoy putting on this to work in warmer weather. This has to be a classic smell. Just don't apply an excessive amount of mainly because it can be strong! I get migraine headaches from many colognes, but this was is nice. I'd strongly suggest it.

I love this smell. I first got it around six to eight years back, and it's continue to my personal favorite aroma regardless of the several I've had over time. It is pleasurable, nicely balanced, but has a fantastic personality that suits most occasions or mundane day. I find it irresistible!

Of course each parfum smells different on everybody as a result of pheromones involved, but even I really like how it smells on me. Occasionally you become so accustomed to the odor which you don't even smell you're still wearing it. However, another compliment comes in and help remind me that I have it on. I thinking about stocking up because this is a fragrance i always want in my lifestyle always. Love Glow by jennifer lopez fragrance (and mainly just the original, not the spin offs)!

J.Lo perfume is the best scent for work as it's not at all an over powering smell. It has a light and airy scent to it and smells terrific on just about everyone. I've got used it for years and definately will keep wear it till they stop making it!

For a 3.4 oz . bottle of spray, j lo glow perfume is a reasonably cost fragrance and also comes in a fancy bottle that I simply adore. It's a distinctive shape using a tiny elaborate "J.Lo" logo around the top made out of small diamonds. The perfume has a nice refreshing, floral, inviting aroma that can keep you smelling good everyday! It's appropriate for any time of year and any time of the day.