What Is The Hushed Truth About Lyme Disease? A Recovery Story, Part 1.

I found a LLMD in another state. What was amazing was I called them one morning, faxed my lab information at noon, and at 2 PM they called and gave me an appointment for 2 weeks later. What a comparison to how the local ID doctors office handled my request for an appointment: First, I had to have a referral from my regular doctor. Then my regular doctor had to fax all the labs to him so he could review it first. Then I sat and waited for his office to call me and tell me when I could be seen. The friendly receptionist made it plain the doctor cant see you until September.. Finally, the local ID doctors office called and gave me an appointment; 2 & months from now! When I asked what to do about my symptoms between now & then, she replied, We cant tell you until youve been seen, in a dismissive tone. I plan to have a talk with her when I call back to cancel my appointment.