Management by Facts

Management by Facts

The usual “handling” of life by most people is:

1. When things are going well it is me.
2. When things are not going well it is them (it wasn’t me).

The truth is – IT IS ALWAYS YOU.

And while I am sure some people will find it un-confrontable, looking at it a bit further will reveal that it is actually GOOD! VERY GOOD!


Because of this rule: If you did it, you can “un-did” it.

This seminar will show you how to “un-did” all the little ties, knots, rocks and hard places within your business – and how to keep improving those smooth flowing areas as well.

This seminar will open your eyes and ensure you can really control your business and life – no more stories of the blind leading the blind.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “What gets measured gets managed?”

While it sounds true, the truth is, it is almost true…

Yes, it is better to measure than to not measure, but measuring alone will not bring predictable results – you are still a spectator (effect) and not cause.

To actually manage by statistics, to be the cause over your results, you will need to know HOW to manage by statistics and not by rumors and opinions.