CM1400DU-24NF Mitsubishi IGBT Transistor Module

The CM1400DU-24NF is certainly the mega IGBT transistor for you. It’s powerful and reliable. Buy one now, only at


Encounter top-notch performance from the CM1400DU-24NF - the mega-powered IGBT transistor module made especially for you. Its application has reached even high powered UPS, large motors, and almost all the electric mega jobs. Device not powerful enough? No worries! Let the CM1400DU-24NF upgrade the performance.


CM1400DU-24NF is a dual IGBT module manufactured by Mitsubishi. Featuring a collector current of 1400 amperes, the CM1400DU-24NF is certainly a giant in high power switching. It delivers speed and power only a mega IGBT transistor can only deliver. This Mitsubishi IGBT module is long-lasting too! Common electrical problems such as overcurrent and shortcircuits can be prevented by the freewheeling diode and the isolated base plate found in the Mitsubishi CM1400DU-24NF.