Most Denver train crash claims settled

National 2.6.2015 04.30 am

Amanda Watson

The front of the train that crashed into another train at Denver station in Johannesburg, 28 April 2015. Picture: Neil McCartney

Prasa spokesperson Nana Zenani said claims were registered over a two-week period and 249 claims had been settled.

More than 90 people had taken advantage of the offer of counselling.

In April, Prasa Group CEO Lucky Montana said R25 million had been set aside for people who were injured.

However, Zenani would not disclose how much had been paid out as it was a private matter between ourselves and the clients.

Metrorail employee Tiisetso Napo died in the crash and 240 people were injured when Prasa Rail Business Express train No 1602 slammed into the rear of Metro Plus train No 0600 which had stopped at the platform at Denver Station.

Both trains were en route to Park Station in Johannesburg, except one train was in the right place at the wrong time.

Meanwhile, life goes on at Denver, although signs of the carnage are still evident.

First to catch the eye is the corrugated iron ticket office.

However, its the freshly poured concrete on the leading edges of the north and south platforms and the deep compressions in the cracked brickwork, caused by the weight of a carriage resting on the platform, that still makes an impression.

There are bright gouges in old cement where carriages were dragged away and the palisade fencing is bent.

But most of all, its the pretty new bright blue signs, unbleached by Africas harsh sun, proclaiming Denver which draw the eye from the scars and the rubbish littering the station.

At lunchtime, maintenance crews trim grass as security officers wander along the deserted platform barking at each other and at people shouting at them from behind the fence.

In its preliminary investigation, the Railway Safety Regulator found the driver of the express train ran a red light and the communication system was out of order.

The final report was expected in July.