, the new samsung Galaxy A8 run "wild motorbike racing" fluency is very excellent.

    In order to analyze the Galaxy A8 activity efficiency, the author specially selected the current popular large and medium-sized activity to try to experience.HDC S6 Such as "wild motorbike rushing 8: speed lingyun", "2" angry birds, etc. Crazy motorbike rushing as I prefer one hand swimming at ordinary times, and has very excellent game playing experience. In the procedure of trial, the cell cellphone touch efficiency, severity introduction understanding, heating situations were carried out several aspects, such as efficiency analyze.    Bunny rabbit analyze application is our common run analyze application, through, CPU, memory, CPU efficiency integerHDC S5 efficiency sailing point efficiency, 2 d / 3 d drawing efficiency, etc., for the overall and individual components efficiency rating of cell cellphone. Samsung Galaxy A8 on run analyze had nearly 29000 factors on the excellent efficiency, the efficiency comparison is balanced.
    Run factors the result is a way to measure the cell cellphone components efficiency, but games how effective starting from the working experience. Next, we have to run the experience more to see how the new samsung Galaxy A8 activity efficiency.
    Through the analyze, we can feel, the new samsung Galaxy A8 run "wild motorbike racing" fluency is very excellent. The whole procedure of the experience is not found and cast HDC Note 4caton frame. 5.7 -inch display a excellent game playing experience, moving the corresponding is also very smooth.