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The analysis shows that even moderate rates of improvement in off-road machinery and construction materials produce a significant CD 1530 in the emissions of the project due to the importance of these emissions in the overall budget. In addition, materials account for the greatest range of variation, with differences an order of magnitude higher than other elements, when the worst and the best-case scenarios are compared. The differences related to environmental systems are also significant, but mainly in terms of possible worsening due to failure of restoration measures, while those corresponding to transport are much lower. It appears operative, therefore, to prioritize the first two elements when developing control strategies and emission reduction in this sector. More specifically, the use of bituminous pavement mixtures, either warm or cold, and the incorporation of recycled materials will be advantageous on one side. On the other side, introducing biofuels or renewable electricity across the diverse energy-consumer elements, and especially the most energy efficient lighting, and paying special attention to the restoration of environmental systems with guarantees of success.