The Windows Phone controls appear and disappear at the bottom of the screen as needed

The Windows Phone controls appear and disappear at the bottom of the screen as needed. Since the polycarbonate shell wraps fully around the chassis of the 635,HDC S5 it forms a lip around the screen. The lip serves to protect the screen when the 635 is placed on a flat surface.
The side keys themselves are excellent. They stick out quite far and work well. The volume toggle, positioned on the right edge, has great travel and feedback, as does the lock button. As is typical for Nokia handsets, the volume toggle is closer to the top and the lock is closer to the middle. The buttons may work well, but locating them is another matter. The 635 has a trapezoidal shape, which means the side edges are not perpendicular to the front, meizu m2 but slanted at an angle from the front face. This makes the buttons harder to reach. There is no dedicated camera button, which is a bit of a shame. The headphone jack is positioned on top and the microUSB port is on the bottom. There are no buttons or controls on the left edge.
The back shell needs to be peeled off to reveal the battery. The plastic has a matte texture that feels nice, and it snaps into place quite firmly. The SIM and memory card slots are only accessible with the battery cover removed. The battery itself has to be pulled to access the SIM card.

Thanks to its footprint, the 635 is easy to hold and use.I had no problem carrying it around and using it over the course of a week.It slips easily into pockets, but the sharp angles of the side edges will let you know the phone is hugging your leg.The front of the 635 is black.I found it was prone to collect fingerprints and other grime, which sometimes made it hard to see the screen outside.
The Nokia logo at the top is so faint you can hardly tell it’s there.There's way too much bezel around the screen, but that's pretty typical for a Nokia handset.There are no physical buttons on the front.