The legend of Cashmere scarf

A beautiful love story of Napoleon and Josephine lets cashmere pashmina to be the favorite among the Europe businessman and nobility. It is said that napoleon take a present from Asia to his love wife Josephine when he was to the eastern, a cashmere pashmina lets Josephine be fond of it and collect hundreds of various cashmere pashmina ,at that time Europe nobility lady all loves it .

Usually we know that wool warmness is very good, and merino wool is more better, but cashmere is superior than wool, it was called “goat cashmere”, Consinee cashmere fineness is between 13um and 15.5um, natural curly is very high, it is closed when textile, cohesive force is good so it is warmth. Cashmere fiber surface scale is small and smooth, there is a air lay in the middle of fiber, so it is light and feel good.

So using cashmere to knit a pashmina is very popular. Now Consinee develop the baby cashmere yarn, it is superior than other yarns in the warmness and soft, it is known and praised by famous people in the yarn area when in 2016-2017 autumn and winter yarn popular exhibitation .especially the model sample clothes made up of consinee yarn attract more brands businessman to contact with us.

Now, whatever winter or summers, the ladies all want a pashmina. Cashmere leads it to “thin like a wing of cicada, light like a silk” the feature because of its material. Especially in winter, it is very warm, just a thin yarn can warm you a whole winter.