Two Words: Back Up! | NYC Wedding Blogging

Two Words: Back Up! | NYC Wedding Blogging

A week before your Wedding Day you receive a phone call that your caterer has been eaten by a dinosaur, and consequently, will no longer be available to cater your wedding. You’re fuming and have no clue what to do! Your impulsive side says, “Let’s postpone the wedding!” Truth is, there is a 99% chance (I’ll leave that 1%) that a dinosaur won’t actually eat your caterer… designer, florist or any other of your wedding vendors for that matter. But, in the event that that 1% does play out, here are some helpful tips that will avoid you having to delay your special day:

1) During the planning process, be sure to interview at least 2 or 3 vendors in each field. In doing so, you will be able to identify at least one other vendor of your liking (the runner-up to your first pick), whom you will contact in the case of emergency!

2) Make sure to include a clause in your vendor contract that states all fees will be fully refunded (including the retainer fee), in the event that the agreed upon proposal services are unable to be fulfilled.

3) Back up plan! It is imperative, especially for my highly-organized, detail-oriented Brides out there, to ALWAYS have a back up plan in case anything goes wrong pre, during or post-wedding. Not everyone realizes the importance of a back up plan but, I’ve been in one too many situations where things occurred that were just beyond my control, and left both the B&G and myself wishing for that elusive Plan B.

Hope these tips work! Contact us for more information.


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