Wristband Giant Becoming Industry Leader In Wristbands For Events

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Wristband Giant Becoming Industry Leader In Wristbands For Events


London, Ontario, Canada (August 23, 2015) - Wristband Giant is the world leader in the manufacturing, marketing and sale of wristbands, offering fully-customizable medical, recreational and special event wristbands. These wristbands are fully customizable and can offer security and anti-counterfeiting technology.


From simple solid colors to the most complex custom full color security printing, Wristband Giant offers the highest quality wristbands on the market. They offer your choice of Tyvek paper wristbands, soft comfort ID wristbands, fabric ID wristbands, silicone wristbands, and plastic ID wristbands for events, businesses and private parties – and all of their wristbands (excluding earth-friendly biodegradable bands) have been tested and proven to withstand normal wear and usage in all wet environments. Both their Tyvek paper wristbands and synthetic plastic snap wristbands are fully recyclable.


As Canada’s best online source for wristbands, Wristband Giant is proud to offers clients a variety of rush service options include next day air and outstanding customer service. Wristband Giant also offers a unique “save while you spend” program where users can earn Giant Reward Points every time they make a purchase or share Wristband Giant products on Facebook.


Wristband Giant has built a solid reputation for quality access control management products, serving clients including amusement parks, music festivals, private parties, colleges (graduation and private parties), churches, camps and campgrounds, water parks, nightclubs and bars and more.


Wristband Giant has Tyvek paper wristbands available in both ¾” and 1” width, as well as Genesis biodegradable wristbands in both adhesive and snapped options for you greenest events! Their plastic ID wristbands for events are available as either a straight plastic ID wristband, or one with a detachable ticket stub.


In addition to offering a huge selection of wristbands for events, Wristband Giant also sells tickets (1- and 2- stub and roll tickets), vinyl key chains, 3D lenticular products, lanyards and scratch and win wristbands. Parents can also find wristbands useful for traveling with children, and Wristband Giant offers a number of lightweight, secure and comfortable solutions to keep your child safe and easily identifiable in case they are separated from you.


About Wristband Giant

Located in London, Ontario, Canada Wristband Giant is proud to be a world leader in the wristband industry. With a diverse range of client, including amusement parks, night clubs, outdoor music festivals, colleges and universities, private schools, churches, camps and campgrounds, water parks, and more, Wristband Client has an access control solution right for your business and your needs. Wristband Giant is proud to ship worldwide and offer top-of-the-line customer service via the web, phone and email.


Contact Information:

Name: Wristband Giant

Website: http://wristbandgiant.ca/

Phone: 1-844-266-3044