2015 international LED lighting and show trends and characteristics

With the implementation of a nationwide energy saving concepts, the common lighting marketplace opening drive of the LED sector chain grow. LED business in 2015 happen to be or are expected to show some critical options. LED domestic enterprises to seize the chance, by leaps and bounds soon after the formation of a breakthrough technologies.

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1, wisdom lighting is coming, business photos, Man Chiu and also other indoor lighting applications accelerate penetration


Based on an agency earlier this year released "2015 international LED lighting trends report" shows that in 2015 the global lighting marketplace will attain $ 82.1 billion. Which, LED lighting marketplace will attain $ 25.7 billion, the industry penetration rate of 31%.


For intelligent lighting iconoclasm lighting mode, a study institute mentioned that the nature of customer demand is lighting itself, this need to have not be the dominant and long-term change. How intelligent lighting major process will be to provide a additional comfy environment high quality lighting. Intelligent lighting merchandise to customer requirements in the exact same time use really should be uncomplicated, not complex method, so the current stage isn't to subvert and intelligent lighting to replace conventional lighting, but as an efficient complement, mostly to meet the desires of intelligent lighting have some clients. Intelligent lighting for lighting the next 10 years is anticipated to account for 30% of total demand. 2014 mobile Web, the rise of wise devices inside the lighting field set off a storm of wisdom, helping to kind a breakthrough within the high-end industry, in accordance with the folks. Future, users can handle residence lighting atmosphere by way of the mobile terminal, custom application scenarios, the realization of intelligent lighting handle. Together with the fast rise in China intelligent household and intelligent lighting will totally transform the entire human illumination habits, and will tremendously enhance the quality of human life.


For environmental protection, energy efficiency along with other components to think about, in the fantastic efforts from the government, municipal visitors lighting LED lighting items turn out to be the initial to enter and also the formation of segments of your large-scale applications. Because 2009, "Ten thousand ten cities" project started building in complete swing around the LED road lighting, the industry penetration of LED lights (installed base) has been rising. In line with marketplace research firm estimated that in 2015 the market place size of LED lights at about 23 billion yuan, China's LED road lighting solutions, all round market place penetration will exceed 45%, using the decline in costs, enhancing consumer awareness and channels The raise, future business according, Man Chiu as well as other indoor lighting industry will rapidly begin, turn out to be a driving force in 2015 LED lighting market place sustained higher development in the primary driving force.