ETL81-050 Fuji IGBT Power Module

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ETL81-050 is absolutely the best choice to upgrade your UPS performance. It’s a 3-terminal type 600V class IGBT power module with an excellent terminal layout and is covered with high quality insulation. These special components make ETL81-050 a much efficient IGBT power module than any other devices.


ETL81-050 is manufactured by Fuji, a renowned company in producing top power transistor modules that are specially designed to suit in today’s advanced technological applications. These applications include, UPS, AC and DC motor controls, and some high power switching applications.


Fuji ETL81-050 can guarantee your UPS to perform well not just in the few days or weeks, but in the long run! Being cost-effective, durable, and efficient, no doubt why this Fuji IGBT power module has become one of the most recommended IGBT modules today.