You Can Do It Too

You Can Do It TooYou Can Do It Too

How hard is network marketing and affiliate marketing?  You attends webinars after webinars and you see affiliate marketers advertising their back office showing commissions in the upper thousand daily.    You sit through the whole webinar excited about what you see only to learn they would like you to invest in their next great thing.

Currently, you are in a position where you are unable to investment any more.  Yes, their offers are great and most of them do work but your wallets has lost weight because you are monetary investment challenged.  Before you hang up the towel and quit, let me remind you –  You Can Do It Too.  In my network and affiliate marketing business, one thing that kept me going…”finding other ways that did not drain my pockets.”  It has been challenging; however, in the end very awarding.

Ways You Can Do It Too

So let look at ways you can turning you non money making business into automation income.  The first thing I want to re-enforce is consistency.  Regardless of your business, if you do not remain consistent you will find yourself in the same position every time – lost, confused, and still struggle in your network marketing business.

You don’t have monetary value to invest in lead generating products that others are selling for hundreds and more. What techniques you can use to generate leads and increase your cash flow.  Here are couple to help you decide –


This is a great way to increase traffic to your network marketing business and it costs you less than $100 to get a blogging platform set up.  Add related keywords to your post, tag your content appropriately for search engine optimization, and eventually have customers coming to you.  People are hungry and are searching for ways to increase their business.  In your blog posts, show them ways they can do it too.  Continue to feed them and watch what happens.  It will most likely not be overnight, but with consistency, it will definitely be soon.

Social Media

Believe it or not, all social media platforms are free.  It is what you do when you get there that may cost, such as advertising.  In Facebook, there are hundreds go marketing groups that allows you to post your content on their pages.  In addition to posting, comment on other posts and get your presence out there.  Create a Fan page and spend $5 daily to get likes and post to your fan page daily.  Use the Facebook Cheat Sheet by my good friend Michele P to help you out.  Don’t forget Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Stumbleupon, YouTube, Instagram (Here is a Free Cheat Sheet), and many more.  These are ways to get your presence out there so you can do it too.