Tazehkandi and Davoodi studied the effects of cutting

Tazehkandi and Davoodi, studied the effects of cutting fluid made of biodegradable vegetable oil on the surface roughness and machining forces during the turning process of Inconel 738 and concluded that AZD6244 application of these kinds of fluids can significantly improve the surface properties and reduce the forces in comparison with conventional cutting fluid (Davoodi and Tazehkandi, 2014a).
Ezugwu and Bonney carried out the turning experiments of Inconel 718 alloy under conventional and high-pressure coolant supplies. Tool life, surface roughness and force components were measured and brachiopods was concluded that acceptable surface finish and improved tool life could be achieved in machining with high coolant pressures (Ezugwu and Bonney, 2005).