How to Do Better in Your Job

Efficiency and productivity are two main factors that everyone needs in a workplace to create better results. Some of us may already be bored with the same routine we undergo every day until we get tired of it. In time, we always want to do better for whatever motivation, may it be for promotion and better reward or just for mere self-satisfaction. Attitude towards your workload is important if you want to be more effective and productive as an employee.


Westhill Consulting and Employment, an Australian-based company established by career development gurus, has listed the following habits that you need to keep you from sidetracking from becoming better.


1.     Visualize Your Success


Keeping your focus on a specific goal in mind can help you work harder. This kind of motivation may give you a reason to keep going every day. Visualize your goals and plan how to achieve it. In between your situation now and the time you reach your success, organize the path you are to take and set your mind on it.


2.     One Step At a Time


Since you already have a goal in mind, don’t take a shortcut by doing so many tasks simultaneously. With a lot of paths you are taking, you might end up taking a lot of segues and achieving your goal – if you are to achieve it- too late. A little note stating two or three tasks you will be doing in a day should help you organize your thoughts and actions. Review your top priorities and first do that. Set deadlines and keep them.


3.     Get Active and Be Involved


Don’t be a prisoner on your desk and sit for the whole working hours trampled by all your loads. All of the complaints of stress and pressure mostly come from people who don’t take a break every now and then. Let your mind take a break and wander. Do something active to balance physical and mental activities every day.


4.     Learn to Say No


Sometimes, saying no does not mean all too negative. For you to be effective doesn’t mean you do everything which is thrown at you. Know your limits and if you know you can’t do something, learn to decline an offer or you’ll just wind yourself up with more pressure and stress which is not better at all.


5.     Don’t Stop Learning


This is one of the main advices from an expat friend which can also be applicable to all. Many citizens from Jakarta, Indonesia taught he already know many things because he came from London. In truth, he has a lot to learn.


As long as we live, we never stop learning new things. Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t know. New knowledge can definitely make you better.