Can a Free Tool Help Me convert MBOX to PST?

Free is always an added advantage, however, it doesn’t serve the purpose that the thing which you intended to buy would have. Agreed? An MBOX to PST converter free version is no exception to it. It offers an added advantage but it cannot replace the full version at the same time.


Should you convert MBOX to PST Outlook with free tools?


An absolute answer to this question is bound to mislead you. Free tools are useful when you use them for trial purpose only. An Apple MBOX to PST converter free version that offers to convert the entire mail absolutely free may not guarantee all the features that ensure data safety. So, at the end of the day, the biggest issue of data integrity remains unaddressed by such a tool. Instead, use a tool that offer to convert MBOX to PST free for a small demo.


What are the pros of an MBOX to PST Outlook converter free version?


Ø  Offers a Win-Win Situation:

Free versions offer you a win-win situation. While all free trial versions will transfer some amount of data safely, the other aspects of their performance are something you may or may not like. In the latter case, there is no harm caused as you haven’t paid for the tool and are not obliged to pay for it.

Ø  Exposure to All Features:

By converting MBOX to PST Outlook through a trial version, you will gain an exposure and insight into all the features of a tool. This will help you discover the tool before you buy it.

Ø  Assessment of Performance:

MBOX to PST conversion of some data through free demo version will let you assess the performance of the tool in the real sense of a trial. One you do it yourself, you will be able to judge better the procedural performance as well as the results and behaviour of the converted data.


Therefore, to answer the question whether you can convert MBOX to PST free with a free tool is that you may but not entirely. In the end, it is a paid version that will do a reliable job.