The experts of anchor bolts who understand our customer’s needs - Sinorock

Under the same ownership since 2011, Sinorock has always been dedicated to quality anchor bolts and related product reliability. We are also the industry experts who understand our customer’s individual needs and provide the targeted support that best serves them.
Sinorock Logistic occupies a 5000sq. ft. warehouse facility in changzhou. Centrally located for convenient direct ship service that reduces time and cost. We also maintain warehousing operations in the central region of China, including facilities in Luoyang,radiation to the various regions of the country and even around the world.
At Sinorock, we're extremely flexible; customers around the world rely on our versatility. Our ability to quickly adapt to market conditions makes Sinorock the perfect partner for your evolving business. We have in-house capabilities designed to interact with any computer system in the marketplace.
Sinorock can also barcode your order for easier inventory control and sorting at your location. With the industries most advanced paperless warehouse, we're able to ensure maximum accuracy.