Plan Your Trip to Serifos

Plan your trip to Serifos

You are going to hop a boat from Athens right to Serifos but you don't model baju batik modern the island yet? Are you done writing your itineraries? How much clothes you should bring with you? How about the amount of money you should take?

If it's your first-time travelling to the island below are a few hints you can keep in mind: Serifos is an authentic island lying in the Cyclades.

Serifos Island, Cyclades, Greece

It is a lovely gem that few travelers have heard of. If you want to be with nature or you want a solo time, visiting the island for each day or two sounds an excellent plan for you.

Backpacking is normally recommendable while in Serifos. So, ensure that you pack your important things and don't bring the unnecessary ones with you. strolling and hiking are the best ways you can get around the tiny villages of the island. Your -do-it-yourself- itinerary should include swimming, hiking and trekking, island hopping, tavern search, sailing, fishing, and viewing the sunset. About your travel allowance, you truly don't have to bring so much cash with you. Serifos is producing its baby steps to improve the island's tourism. This is why why it's a budget friendly Cyclades destination. When dropped or needing directions on how to visit the other neighboring villages of your current location, you can dial 171 in your phone and the police will answer. You can ask them any information regarding the island for they are partnered with the tourism department of Serifos. Before you lit your cigarette ensure that you are in the right place first. You don't need to get an excellent because you tried to smoke cigarettes in virtually any restaurants or taverns on the island. Serifos Hotels are not expensive. In fact, they are very affordable for the tourists.

Naias Hotel in Serifos

Most of the Serifos residents speak English. Try the original cuisine. Go to the Assumption Feast in August. The locals of Serifos have not reached the population of 2,000. Yet, you won't ever feel lonesome here. Just go right ahead and try to befriend with any residents on the island. They are friendly and hospitable in any case. Bring a good pair of walking shoes with you. The type of shoes that will not make your feet tired actually walking and trekking for the whole day. Don't even think of planning to hike in the afternoon. The weather and the sun are too sizzling. Wherever you 're going, to the highest peak of the villages or not, always bring water with one to cool your body. A party will never be complete if you haven't took a shot yet of the -ouzo- or the original spirit from the island.

Whether you are travelling to Serifos by itself or with the love you will ever have, the island offers greater than a paradise. It offers a new start and a happy lifestyle. If you are staying for a couple days, at least it is possible to go through the bliss of Serifos.