How Jungian Therapy Could Help Your Physical Health

Jungian therapy is a sweeping area of psychology that many therapists are still using today. The field of thought claims its name from Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist. The contemporary therapeutic model based on Jungs conclusions and work is largely a form of therapy that is involved with talking and conversation. Through conversation, patients can learn to dictate how they process certain images and thought patterns which are negatively affecting their lives and mental health.

Jungian therapeutics involves differing methods. These methods may change depending on the Jungian therapist and their patients relationship. Some common methods involve dream analysis, free associations testing, and creative activities that meant to help patients better understand themselves and their suffering. A find psychologist using Jungian therapeutic techniques may perform symbol analysis on dreams under the belief that dreams hold important information about a persons ego. Understanding the dream state may show some patients how they are limiting themselves and stifling their own potential in the world.

Free associations testing records a persons response time to certain words. This is a great way for patients to better understand their minds. This type of testing can be illuminating of certain problems or stereotypes pervading someones underlying thoughts or anxieties, which could be triggering severe emotional responses.

Some creative activities may include art, dream journaling, or listening to music. There are a variety of creative activities that Jungian therapists may use with their patients, because certain patients may find more success with particular activities than others. Patients need to be able to use creative activities as a form of self-expression, and there are certain mediums that allow that more easier than others. For example, a person who is not able to draw well may instead listen to music or dance.

If looking for a licensed counselor with experience in Jungian knowledge, Kate Wertz is one reputable option. Her therapy seeks to active a persons innate healing abilities through Jungian therapeutic methodology. She works with a person or couples life struggles, symptoms, suffering, and dreams to create guidance for her clients. Her therapy is great for individuals or couples. Wertz even offers relationship therapy for single people or couples. Single people who have been seeking out solely relationship therapy may find her practice both unique and highly beneficial.

Single people may want to seek out therapy if they have recently undergone a breakup or if they feel like dating is too difficult or even impossible for them. Wertzs therapy can help single people by addressing their feelings of loneliness, dating difficulties, fears, or self doubt. Since Jungian therapy is largely talking-based, she offers a 100% judgment-free space for her patients. To learn more about Wertz and her Jungian philosophy, click here ( to access further information on her website.