Who Knew Louis Vuitton Replicas Have Been Around for 1000 Years?

With my love for Louis Vuitton replicas, I was seriously convinced that I knew everything that there was to be known gucci shawl about this brand. I considered myself a true fan. However, this weekend I was watching an auction television show and my ears perked up like a dog that hears “treat” when I heard the words, Louis Vuitton. To be surprise, this television show was about to become my little educator.

I honestly couldn’t believe that the little replica handbags that I love oh-so-much were around in the 1854. Well, to be fair, they definitely Burberry silk scarves replica weren’t the replica Louis Vuitton handbags that we carry around now, but this is the actual year that LV was founded. How crazy is that?

They started out with luggage and eventually stemmed into the replica handbags, wallets, jewelry, clothing and everything else that we love from Louis Vuitton. On this particular show that I was watching, this lady had a trunk from the 1800’s that was an Louis Vuitton original. She was auctioning it off, and I have no idea why anyone would do this, especially for an item with so much history. I wouldn’t auction off my latest louis vuitton replica handbag, replica louis vuitton handbag, founded, historyreplica Louis Vuitton handbag that I got a week ago, let alone something from more than one thousand years ago.

It made me realize just how fake Burberry scarf successful this brand is! As if I didn’t already know, right? Think about it though. One thousand years ago, people were sporting that LV monogram that we all, still, go absolute crazy for. What made me the most surprised is that it was a luxury item back then and it still is! In fact, Louis Vuitton replica handbags have only grown in success as a luxury item. It definitely has decreased to say the least.

Although there’s no way I’ll be able to get a thousand year old LV trunk, I was inspired to find something that would resemble the history of this fabulous brand and I came across the LV Briefcase. Sure, it definitely isn’t a trunk, but briefcases have been around forever! Don’t lie, you totally remember your dad walking in with a briefcase and a big ole’ mustache!