Reasons for the price difference in LED lights

The pursuit of cheap consumer goods is nature, but it is difficult at this stage to buy the lowest price and high quality of LED lights from LED panel manufacture in China. We will find when buying LED lamps, even with a price, LED lights differences are large, then where the differences are?


First, it is the difference between the chips. Chip is genuine or non-genuine foreign? What kind abroad? European and American Legion class comes from CREE, OSL and Nichia; others, such as Purell, Toyoda Gosei, Seoul Semiconductor, also quite good; Epistar in Taiwan, the new century and other correspondence is in the end, more expensive than domestic chip low. I think kingsonlight round LED panel suppliers could give us a better choice when we buy LED lights for home decoration. Followed by the different packages, we can see other factors. The same is the use of a relatively good chips, packaging is their own original packaging or packaging? With an epoxy resin or silica gel? All of these factors would affect the quality of LED lights.


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