SMD 3014 Constant Current LED Strip Light 240LED/M

Constant Current SMD 3014 LED Strip Lighting manufacturer

Hanron Lighting Co. Limited’s SMD 3014 constant current LED Flexible Strip Lighting, 240LED/Meter, both waterproof and non-waterproof, is to satisfy customers seeking a high brightness of the lighting and brilliant color effects. By using build-in constant current IC, China 3014 LED Strip obtain longer lifespan, longer in connection and uniform brightness. They are ideal light source for home decoration, hotel, KTV, cove ect.  


Features of SMD 3014 Constant Current LED Strip Lighting 240LED/M:

1.      TOP SMD3014 chip, high brightness, wide beam angle, low decay.

2.      With build-in constant current IC, longer lifespan

3.      Cuttable for each group, convenient for using

4.      Longer in connection, uniform brightness

5.      Easy to install for any bending

6.     DC24V, safe and fit for universal use

7.     Certification: CE & RoHS


Application of SMD 3014 Constant Current LED Strip Lighting 240LED/M:

1.      Cove lighting

2.      Architectural lights for canopy, corridor, window, archway

3.      Backlight or edge lighting for signage

4.      DIY lights for home use

5.      Path and contour marking

6.      Decorative lights for holiday, event, show, exhibition

7.      Special light effect for art gallery and glass-made items


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