Traditional Spanish delicacies by Raffaele Imperiale

Traditional Spanish delicacies by Raffaele Imperiale

What’s great about the Spanish food? People mostly asked me this question. So, I decided to answer your question by writing an article on the Spanish cuisine. According to Raffaele Imperiale, Spanish cuisine is very diverse and the reason behind its diversity is its history. Spanish cuisine is an amalgamation of a various cultures and cuisines. But mostly this cuisine is inspired by Roman and Greek cultures.


Spanish warm up their tables with all types of meats such as pork, fish, beef, chicken, etc but it doesn’t mean that they are only carnivores. Many of the Spaniards love to eat vegetables and there are many vegetable stews and dishes that are common among the people of Spain. A variety of ingredients and seasoned fruits and vegetables make their cuisine really tasteful. Without further ado let’s get going.


1)    Gazpacho:


A summery soup made up of fresh tomatoes, cucumber, bread, garlic, vinegar, salt, onion and pepper are quite famous among the Spaniards. In fact Gazpacho festivals are held in Spain and thousands of people get a chance to cheer up the hot evenings with this cold soup.  This soup is served in various parts of the world in different colours and ingredients but who haven’t tried the cold tomato soup of South Spain then that that person don’t know the original taste of the Gazpacho.


2)    Pulp a la Gallega:


It’s a signature dish of Galician. Made up of octopus, people of Northwest Spain simply love to eat this dish. In this dish boiled octopus is trimmed with scissors and drizzled with paprika, salt and olive oil. In most of the restaurants in Spain this dish is served on wooden plates with any side dish of your choice such as potatoes, bread etc. Spaniards don’t like to eat it with water. Only wine is served with this dish. No doubt, that it’s a traditional Spanish delicacy.


3)    Fabada Asturiana:


A warm stew of beans and sausages usually served in the winters helps you in warming up the bodies. Spaniards consider this dish really nutritious. This dish comprises of very simple and less ingredients such as white beans, smoked paprika, sausages and saffron. Fabada is a quite heavy dish; you can eat it, both as a starter and as a main course. Fabada is easily available in all the restaurants of the Spain and is usually served with crusty bread.


4)    Pimientos de pardon:


This dish is really very simple and full of flavours. Fried in olive oil and dusted with sea salt, this dish is normally served in all the bars of the Spain. They are very good in taste but you can come across a very spicy one too. This dish is really very easy to cook. Green chillies deeply fried in olive oil for just 2 to 3 minutes and are tossed with the pinch of the salt. Last but not least serve this dish with cold beer.


Spain is a very rich country in food and seasons. So, if you are planning your vacation then don’t forget to visit Raffaele Imperiale restaurant in Spain.