Apparels That Helps Players Look Good and Feel Comfortable on the Tennis Court

Every sport has its own distinctive clothing and tennis is no exception. Some tennis skort is practical, such as wearing white, a color that reflects light and heat, making it a cooler option on a bright, sunny court. Other pieces are simply just traditional, like the tennis skirt most female players wear. Of course, white was not chosen as the color of choice simply to avoid heat. Since this was once a game played only by the elite, white was selected because at that time it was also a symbol of the well-to-do. Obviously, times and traditions change, and there is much more leeway with what is acceptable on a modern tennis court.

While white is still seen frequently, it is not uncommon for it to be in a combination with other colors. The ability to remain cool is not just about reflecting light anymore. Modern fabrics help to keep bodies cooler by absorbing moisture away from the skin as well as protecting it from UV rays.

Top and skirt sets are available for women, as are tennis dresses. Available are polyester, rayon and spandex designs. They are often made into various blends that allow for the easiest movement with the least restriction. Common in dresses and tops are built in shelf bras for convenient support without the need for a heavy extra layer. Reversible skirts help to expand the wardrobe and allow the player to be either trendy or conservative.

Men’s tennis apparel is generally made to fit looser than the clothing worn by female players. The shorts available today are longer than they were in the past, making them much more comfortable and roomy as well as having a modern and stylish appearance. The colors, styles and materials of the shorts and shirts are similar to those in the ladies collection. They keep the player cool and provide some protection to the skin from the rays of the sun. Many of the shorts are reversible as well, so male athletes have the versatility of wearing a print or solid without having to purchase additional clothing to do so.

Unlike team sports, each tennis player is the center of attention when on the court. Because of this, everyone wants to look their best during their game. DUC Sport makes it easy for everyone look and feel great even in the toughest competition. To see their stylish selection, visit here for a look at their latest products.