Proprietors Can Restore Log Households Themselves

Log Home restoration does not have to be an expensive undertaking. It can be expensive if a contractor is hired, or if the home has been neglected, but regular maintenance and restoration can be completed by owners. cedar log homes is a company that has been designing and manufacturing log home stains, finishes, and accessories for over thirty years. They provide customers with in-depth instructions, tips and techniques, and access to a free video library online so homeowners can complete their own log cabin restoration. Stains and finishes are low maintenance and last for three to five years, depending on the weather conditions and sun exposure.

Removing old stain can be done in several ways, and the preparation work for applying new stain is very important to the success of the restoration. There are stripping solvents and green products available to remove old stain. Once that is done, it is a perfect time to inspect the logs inside and out to see if any repairs should be completed. Wood hardeners and wood epoxy are available to repair or replace damaged or rotting wood. Round backer rod is a two dimensional sealant adhesive that can enhance caulking and chinking materials to repair joints and seam in the home. When any needed repairs have been completed, the logs have to be cleaned.

Cleaning the logs can be as simple as using soap and water, and that is usually the best way to begin. If that does not clean well enough, diluted bleach can be used to remove any mildew and brighten the logs. Pressure washing is also an option for the exterior. Corn blasting is another option. That process entails an air compressor and a modified sand blaster that are used in combination to blast the surface with ground up corncobs. The low pressure friction removes stains and stubborn dirt from the home. Sanding, either manually or with a machine, is usually used as a last resort because it is very time consuming.

When the preparation work is accomplished, stain, additives, and tools can be purchased to finish the restoration. Stains are available in oil or water based types and there are several colors from which to choose. Clear top coats are also offered. Additives that repel insects or inhibit mold growth can be mixed into the stain for even application. Tools include stain brushes, caulking guns, and buffing brushes, among others. To prolong the life of the stain, homeowners can install roof hangings and rain gutters to the home, and plant trees and shrubs to minimize sun exposure to walls.