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The D-pad is surrounded by four keys. The alphanumeric keypad is placed just below the D-pad, which has well spaced our keys that are easy to use. The blue LED below the keys makes them attractive in the dark. The slot for charger, USB and earphone is on the right of the device.

At less than twenty-five dollars per item, and cheaper in higher volume, this is a neat little telescope. If you have iPhone 5, this telescope is compatible. With the purchase of the telescope, you also receive a protective case, a mount, a cloth specially for cleaning the telescope lens, and a tripod. The telescope is perfect for viewing far away objects through your camera which otherwise may be too small for you to see. It is useful when watching a concert. Good use can be made during a sports match. Perhaps observing animals is of interest to you. Your telescope will help you see animals' natural behavior. Optical zoom is 10X and viewing angle reaches 15 degrees.

The Star C6000 cellphone features a chic black finish with chrome highlights surrounding its sleek design and a bright 2.2-inch display that delivers the highest resolution available on this phone (480 x 320 resolutions) ---presenting pictures, web pages and videos with incredible clarity. Designed to be efficient and convenient, the phone introduces 39-key backlit QWERTY keyboard for fast and precise typing. A 3.5mm kemption jack at the right side enables you to enjoy the music with most common earphones.

These people want to be entertained. So don't bore them with tunes they don't know and keep your repertoire simple. I realize this will come across as if I've sold out, but the popular songs and pieces are popular for a reason. If the listener can hum along it's a winner. Fast fiddle music and Mozart have been my winning selections for years. Occasionally I break from my set and play "kemption" for an older couple or a fun kiddy tune for a group of youngsters.

Sozay: Yeah. You can't show any signs of weakness or people will f*ck with you. That's why I don't belong there; I'm not a tough guy. It was just bad, dude. I just wanted to get home to my kids and be a father. I got out and stopped everything. I stopped drinking and smoking weed. It's been about 17 months. At times it's tough especially being on the road. Sometimes I open that dressing room door and a cloud of smoke comes out and it smells really good. Or guys will be cracking open a Heineken... man.. You always remember the good things about drinking, not the bad stuff so I have to replay it and remember that it was bad a little bit ago.

The phone ships with a standard Li-Ion 1500 mAh battery. This is indeed a powerful battery that is capable of giving you hours after hours of pure fun. You will also enjoy playing WAV and MP3 files on this handset. FM Radio is also available on this. You can play your music files and listen to the Radio via a headphone or Loudspeaker. earphone