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WiFi Hacker ULTIMATE Wifi is surely an application whose sole purpose should be to test the protection of Wifi networks or even recover passwords in seconds. This, naturally, should simply be used on your own personal networks, because hacking other's Wifi is incredibly bad. 


To take advantage of this application, you simply have to start it and lose time waiting for it to get all of the available networks in the community, although some people might times this could take a long time with regards to the number of nearby broadcasting networks. 


Once this technique is complete, you'll be able to select your network (it is crucial not to make this happen on outside networks, because this is a prosecutable offence), and view its security. If you may see the password, it will be a good idea to consider changing it because doing so means that any user can enter you network. 


Wifi Hacker ULTIMATE Wifi is usually a tool that ought to not be used without having a certain information about networks, because though it is easy make use of and can assist you secure your individual connections, the results of incorrect use can be quite severe. So its like people say, "Use at your risk."

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