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A big deadline is approaching for mortgage loan originators (what most of the people generically call “mortgage brokers”). These good citizens happen to be mandated for legal reasons to feed national assuring licensing exam and get registered within the National Mortgage Licensing System's registry by the end of July in most states, including in California, where a large amount of currently registered loan agents have yet to complete the method: Only about 25% of currently registered loan agents have do this.
This is an enormous advantage of the millions that are still underwater, owing a huge number, even HUNDREDS of thousands, about the existing shortfall in their underwater homes. Previously, a resident who had been underwater and sold his/her home through a short sale would technically be obligated to spend the residual balance with the mortgage, even after closing. If that balance was forgiven, then a amount forgiven will be taxable. In this case now, the obligation for the mortgage can be forgiven at closing, and in addition, taxes couldn't survive assessed. According to Phillip Swagel, a professor in the University of Maryland's School of Public Policy in College Park, Maryland, "it's an exceptional generous way of companies still in financial trouble to American taxpayers. We're giving people an incentive to steer away, right when the housing marketplace is starting to right itself".

The NMLS is a database. That's it. It does not change any state mortgage licensing requirements. It doesn't reduce what states require to acquire a license. It also will not eliminate the requirement being licensed separately in each state. The NMLS only behaves as a central repository for your gathering of info to the procurement of a state mortgage license. The only current advantage of the NMLS is always that if you apply for a license in a very new state, you don't need to submit a new form for each and every new state listing the knowledge that this NMLS collects in it's database. This will be the only benefit at this time. Since each state has access towards the NMLS database, you simply need to edit your record to exhibit that you want to apply for a license in a new state, along with the state then has access to your information. Although the NMLS gathers a lot of information, it does not gather everything. Each state still requires numerous documents to become sent by paper outside of the NMLS on the states themselves. The only way that this licensing process can be easier is if the states actually change their laws to create the method streamlined, more affordable, plus more comparable to other states.

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