Natural dyes are a fascinating phenomenon that attracts researchers

It is observed that UV reflectance attributed to colour strength and absorbance of natural dyed yarn with respect to mordant used for dyeing. Most research on natural dyes has focused on the fundamental aspects of the natural dyes. However little attention has been given to other aspects, such as effect of UV reflectance and UV transmittance on the dyed fiber, though these are some prime facet with regard to protection of the Sulfo-NHS-LC-Biotin from over exposure to harmful UV rays. In this study, an attempt has made to investigate the impact of UV reflectance of un-dyed and dyed fabrics on the quantity of natural dyes absorbed by the fiber and observed its colour intensity (Angelini et?al., 1997 and Feng et?al., 2007). The recent study reported glial cells the natural dyestuff used on silk textile was analysed and spectra were studied in UV reflectance and absorbance mode by measuring direct contact of the integrating sphere with the samples (Verhecken et al., 2014). The study also provides evidence of the relationship between the UV reflectance and the colour strength of the dyed cotton with respect to mordant.