UV VIS spectroscopy Light transmission measurements were carried in the

2.3.2. UV-VIS spectroscopy
Light transmission measurements were carried in the range of 200–800 nm, using Perkin Elmer model Lambda 19 UV-VIS spectrometer, with air as a reference.
2.3.3. Morphology and atomic composition
An observation of film morphology was performed with the help of scanning Gefitinib microscopy (SEM), using a Hitachi S 3000 N microscope, at electron beam accelerating voltage of 15 kV and magnification of 5000 times. Coatings deposited on silicon substrates at oxygen flow rates of 300, 400 and 500 sccm were subjected to the examination. The microscope was equipped with ThermoNoran Pioneer energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) microanalyzer, and that unit was employed for the measurements of film atomic composition.
2.3.4. X-ray diffraction (XRD)
XRD studies of the films were carried out with the help of Philips X'Pert X-ray diffractometer, equipped with a Cu Kα source. The following parameters were employed in the measurements:•electron accelerating voltage: 45 kV•electron beam incidence angle: 5°•2θ angular range: 15°–65°•2θ measurement step: 0.04°•scanning rate: 0.02°/s•total measurement time: 41.40 s