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The distinct differences between the performances of the TFN RO and the TFN NF membranes are the greater water permeability of the NF membrane and its high rejection for multivalent salt (e.g. Na2SO4) compared to lower rejection to monovalent salt (e.g. NaCl). Compared to the PA layer of RO membranes which is mostly prepared via IP between MPD and TMC (see Table 2), the PA film of NF membrane is usually synthesized using amine NVP-BEZ235 with lower reactivity such as piperazine (PIP) (Hu et?al., 2012, Shen et?al., 2013, Wu et?al., 2013 and Ong et?al., 2012), causing the formation of more linear-like polymer structures with lower degrees of cross-linking.