S Pen has become a signature of the samsung Observe sequence operate

    of course, on a samsung Universe S6 edge part of the show quick flashes, the personality part of the show, select observe, the alert at night, and details circulation are arranged, simultaneously also improved the operate program part of the show, the user can select by moving part board kickboxingHDC S5 the required program, to a certain level, also easy for daily use. So these features, in the 5.7 -inch samsung Universe S6 whether to use on the part, we might as well try one by one.
   Side of the show display can be said to be on a samsung Universe S6 edge + is very awesome and realistic operate, we are in a conference or office often unintentionally will cellphone control buttons on the table, so will skip the cellphone or details. The samsung Universe S6 edge + can realize upon meizugetting observe from the cellphone or part of the show lighting up.   S Pen has become a signature of the samsung Observe sequence operate, at least in the current also no smart phone producers can surpass S Pen stylus pen, the accurate operate such as artwork, free screenshots are reasons for business customers to become the recommended. Look at samsung edge machine, such as samsung Universe Observe edge, the samsung Universe S6 edge as well as the newest samsung Universe S6 edge +, the rounded area show lower kung fu is not substandard to the S Pen.
   Believe that the majority of customers, for hyperboloid show samsung Universe S6 is the impact of edge + show visible sensation better, than the samsung Universe S6 edge. meizu mx5 priceHowever, when really take in hand, it will bring you more excitement. Arc part show has gotten better working sleek sensation, simultaneously will also feel a 5.7 -inch show is not function must be hands.