Cara Membuat Teleskop Senapan Angin

After promoting rifle scopes on eBay for 6 years I can say with absolute certainty that the one space that confuses prospective new scope owners more than any is the choice of scope mounts. The excellent news is that except your rifle is an unusual or vintage type then choosing the proper scope mounts is simple. On this article you'll learn how to rapidly decide what sort you need.

So the, you might have a new rifle and wish to get a pleasant telescopic rifle scope that can assist you shoot higher? And make it look very cool too :)

Deciding on a rifle scope could be a difficult course of in itself and I won't cowl it on this article except briefly now: If you're taking pictures in regular dawn to nightfall sort light at ranges not more than say 300 yards/metres then get a three-9x40 or similar variable magnification scope. three-9 = it ranges between three and 9x magnification and the 40 bit means it has a 40mm broad lens on the end. It is a excellent basic purpose combination and there are alternatives for most budgets from low cost to military.

Now what you need in an effort to repair the scope to the rifle are mounts. This should not be difficult however to avoid wasting time, hassle and cost in returning incorrect mounts to the seller it's good to get it right first time.

There are 2 things it is advisable to know:

1) What mounts are want to your scope by way of (a) peak and (b) ring diameter.

2) What sort of rifles scope receiver grooves you have.

In lots of cases chances are you'll find scope and mount packages bought together, in these cases you possibly can make sure that they are going to be correct for the scope but you still need to be sure that they are going to be OK to your rifle earlier than you go ahead. If not you then'll need to ask the vendor if they can swap for another type.

What mounts are need for your scope

Scope mounts are available 3 fundamental heights. By peak I mean how high they'll raise the scope off the rifle. There are 3 principal heights:

Low - For scopes with upto 32mm lenses
Medium - For scopes with upto 42mm lenses
Excessive - For scopes with 40-56mm lenses

There are also things like extremely high however you are unlikely to need these unless you have got a specialised requirement.

The dimensions of lens rule is a good general guide but in addition convey your rifle into consideration. If it has say a bolt motion then it's best to go for a excessive mount even with a smaller lens scope.
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