Salwar Kameez History

Salwar kameez dates back to the 12th century since of Islamic or the Iranian era which was then accompanied by the batik keris empire in your community called today as India and Pakistan.

During those days, men and women both were used to use salwar kameez within the traditional dress but over the years Salwar Kameez has found its popularity in India and and the salwar kameez continues to be worn in the continent.

Salwar Kameez is popular as its comfy to wear in daily casual wear and also in wedding, features and . This salwar kameez has body hugging salwar which is usually tightly gripped to your body like a stocking its comfortable to wear and is very narrow around the ankle area.

3.Cotton Salwar Kameez - The cotton salwar kameez comes in various fabrics like South natural cotton, blend of cotton and silk and natural cotton.. Because of high production of cotton which is comfortable fabric in the Indian and Pakistani region due to its wearibility in summers.

4.Designer Salwar Kameez - A designer Salwar kameez is manufactured by a fashion designer and normally has lot of hand embroidery work which is performed in pearls, stones, beads and sequins. Although every developer has its own approach while developing a salwar kameez the fundamentals still remains the same. The designer may give various cuts and styles around the throat, sleeves, kameez and churidar of a salwar kameez which can change the complete look of the salwar kameez.

5.Printed Salwar Kameez - These are called Printed salwar kameez as they are machine or digitally printed on all kinds of fabric like Georgette, crepe, cotton, chiffon and other components. The Printed Salwar Kameez has a very wide variety of designs from bouquets to polka-dot to abstract to various other prints. The most recent in fashion are the digital prints on the printed salwar kameez such as variety of colors.

6.Punjabi Salwar Kameez - Punjabi salwar kameez, the name originates from Punjab an Indian condition in the north western region of India. This salwar kameez is worn in Punjab are also called Punjabi salwar kameez. Punjabi females are very fond of bright colors and wear shiny shaded Salwar kameez and dupatta. The Punjabi suit consists of an upper referred to as Kameez, Dupatta which really is a piece of cloth worn around the neck and lower known as salwar. The Salwar is easily loose around the waist till the ankle making it a very comfortable dress. The shiny printed colors or weighty embroidery of stones, sequins and beads is a must on a Punjabi suit.

7.Silk Salwar Kameez - The Silk Salwar Kameez is by no means out of fashion as its the fabric for special occasion like wedding, ceremonies, party or even reach gathers. The silk salwar kameez gives a very rich turn to the dress because of its shine. The silk found in salwar kameez has started coming in various combinations besides natural silk like Chiffon silk, genuine silk, satin silk, paper silk, crepe silk and tussar silk.

8.Wedding Salwar Kameez - Wedding Salwar Kameez are weighty salwar kameez this means they have large amount of hand embroidery around salwar kameez including the kameez, salwar and the sleeves. The work is principally of beads, sequin and stones.