Pros&Cons of High Quality Marble Stone

Marble stone is common to be used in home improvement and public commercial building. As a popular building material, marble stone also has its own pros and cons.

High quality marble stone looks beautiful and unique, its color surface and patterns are hard to imitated by other stone materials.

To make sure patterns match, the Marble Institute of America recommends accepting your architect lay out the tiles over the absolute apparent afore installing so you can accept the result. All your tiles should appear from the aforementioned aboriginal batch.

In addition, marble stone also has high requirement on maintenance. Sealing and cleaning should be done in a regular time. When cleaning, you had better use a soft detergent solution that specially worked for marble stone. Be careful not to drop drinks off the marble stone surface for this will leave a ring. And you should clean it at once, or they will stain and etch marble stone surface.