An Introduction to LS-403A Anti Rust Powder

LS-403A Anti Rust Powder is a water-soluble anti-rust products, gasification in a confined space VCI particles penetrate into every corner of the metal, forming one molecule thick layer, to prevent rust. Field of application: (1) LS-403A Anti Rust Powder is used for transport and storage of spare parts, equipment rust (2) LS-403A Anti Rust Powder is used in compressors, turbines, tubular pipes, storage tanks, corrosion of the inner surface of boiler and heat exchanger (3) it can also be used to steam condensation pipe, closed heating and cooling system.
LS-403A Anti Rust Powder composed mainly of red powder, its main chemical components to lead dioxide (PbO2), the original lead lead (Pb3O4) and a small amount of insoluble nitrate, ferric oxide (Fe2O3), copper oxide (CuO).
LS-403A Anti Rust Powder applied to covered and enclosed space metal rust, excellent gasification, diffusion and adsorption properties, especially for deep holes, long tubes, joints and twist to touch the surface rust.
1, used, items do not require surface preparation, saving work and time.
2, LS-403A Anti Rust Powder applied to all covered and enclosed space metal rust.
3, it does not contain silicone, phosphates and heavy metals, safety and environmental protection.
4, closed after the space is open and closed, still has the protective function.
5, after use, goods leaving no stains, very easy to use compressed air or clean water.

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