Where’s The Evening Wear Replica Handbags?

If you’re Canadian, you most definitely tuned in to watch the Much Music Video Awards (MMVA) last night. Well, you don’t have to be Canadian to simply watch the footage as tons of Justin Bieber lovers and celebrity trend followers hit the Internet this morning to find out what their red carpet fashion was for this year’s award shows. I mean, I definitely did just that – but I was disappointed to see that no where did anyone mention their replica handbags.

Okay, I know that you don’t see Selena Gomez walking down the red carpet carrying her adored white tote from replica Coach handbags, but celebrities were definitely rocking some fabulous clutches and cute replica Prada bags little handbags. I mean, hello! Us replica handbag lovers want to see what you wear at formal events too! Michael Kors handbags replica

replica coach handbags, coach replica handbags, selena gomez, jessica alba, mmva, much music video awardsSo needless to say (and if you couldn’t tell) I was a little disappointed that I could even get one name of a replica handbag that a celebrity had for the evening events. It’s very disappointing to say the least.

I mean, of course we get to see celebrities go out to fancy dinners carrying their favourite formal handbags, but that’s not comparable to a red carpet outfit. We always get stuck (for lack of better words) seeing celebrities rocking their louis vuitton evening clutch bags casual wear down the street. Sure, Jessica Alba looks beyond fabulous carrying her Coach replica handbag but we want to see more.

We go out and have fancy nights ourselves, you know! Sure, it’s hard to believe that us “normal life” people get dressed up for an evening, but we really do. Trust me. So how are we supposed to follow our favourite celebrities handbag fashions when it comes to formal wear? Everyone is asking about their dress, and who did their hair and makeup, but what about the replica handbags, people?

Don’t overlook the power of an amazing replica handbag. Apparently we’re the only ones that believe this. Harumph.