Alternative mining and mineral processing Schenarios

Indicator 5.2 refers to the total annual consumption of water for all mining activities. Its reference value (V5.2) AC 264613 given in eq. (31) where: W1to W6 are the annual quantities of water consumed for the construction of disposal sites, operation of the processing unit, surface extractive operations, underground extractive operations, waste rock facilities and tailings disposal areas. The WF was set to 80%.equation(31)V5.2=W1+W2+W3+W4+W5+W6P1+P2
3.7. Sixth group: social indicators
The social indicators developed in the present study, as well as the economic indicators described in the following paragraph, are indicative of the potential effect of the extractive activity and they were not attributed any weighting factors, as the main focus of the study was on the environmental indicators. Moreover, the social indicators support the final decision of the stakeholders as to most suitable and effective operation of the extractive activity within the protected area.
The social indicators (Table 9) are related to the human recourses, i.e. direct and indirect employment created, land to be used after restoration and land restored in relation to the disturbed land, as well as workers health and safety and community health.