Mitsubishi QM600HD-M Power Transistor Module

Visit now and get QM600HD-M to upgrade your forklifts.


QM600HD-M is a Mitsubishi power transistor module you’ll definitely need if you want to upgrade your forklift’s power. QM600HD-M, a non-insulated high power switching module, is considered as one of the company’s most valuable products. This is because of its ability to transform forklifts into superior machines! Despite weighing a light weight of only 0.93 lbs., it carries a collector current amount of 600A and has a collector emitter of 350V.


Like other advanced Mitsubishi products, QM600HD-M is forged with the latest state-of-the-art technologies. This assures every user that the device is proven reliable, durable, and cost-effective.


Mitsubishi QM600HD-M has amazing characteristics that can help prevent or minimize forklifts’ common issues such as starter failures, overheating engine, and poor lift performance. Furthermore, it’s a versatile power module where it can also be applied to welding machines and some robotic gadgets.