Fig nbsp xA Breakdown of CO

Table 3 illustrates the input–output analysis of water usage for specific process and wastewater generated from the production processes. The discharged wastewater, mainly generated from cleaning activities, had a COD value of 50 mg/L.
It was quantified that 230 kg/month of solid waste was generated, which was approximately 3 tons/year. Electrical consumption of the main unit operations is presented in Table 4 together with the AP20187 rating in kW and daily operating hours.
Based on the CO2 quantification summarized in Table 5, the total CO2 emission from the plant was approximately 20.2 tonnes on a monthly basis, which was equal to 242.4 tons per annum or 0.07 kg CO2/litre juice produced. Fig. 2 illustrates the sources of CO2 emission and their respective emission percentages where electricity consumption was identified as the in source of CO2 emission in the production plant, contributing to 88% of the total emission percentage, with a quantitative value of 17,841 kg CO2 on a monthly basis or 0.06 kg CO2/litre juice produced. Therefore, electricity consumption was considered as the critical entity midbrain needs to be addressed to reduce the CO2 emission of the plant.