San Jose Schools-Programs And Projects

San Jos Schools are members of the large urban school district providing about 32,000 students from kindergarten through grade twelve. San Jose Schools signify the eleventh largest urban school district in California, with thirty-one elementary schools, seven middle schools, and seven high schools. The student populace is 31% Anglo, 49% Hispanic, 13% Asian, 3% Black and 4% other minority. Learn new resources on publicidad en facebook by going to our staggering link. The areas website states the next Vision Statement: San Jose Schools [are] learning communit[ies] that encourage students to be the best they could be, equipping them with top notch skills, dedication to lifelong learning, effective citizenship in a diverse society, and respect for self and others.

Service Projects: San Jose Schools pupils learn about service projects through an alliance with Youth Re:Action Corps (, a senior school based program to teach teenagers about local, national and international issues, empower them to create ideas for social change, and invest economically in their visions of a better world. This provocative tell us what you think wiki has endless refreshing cautions for where to allow for it.

Awards: On May possibly 2-7, 2007, San Jose Schools reported that the Capitol Expressway Auto Dealers Charitable Foundation contributed $50,000 to 1-2 elementary schools and supports 38 third grade class room libraries. San Jose Schools Superintendent Don Iglesias, said, We are really gratefulfor their generosity and commitment to education shown by theirdonation. Literacy is the main element to successful learning for the students.

New Program: One San Jose Schools large college, Leland High School, has implemented the 'Every fifteen minutes' program. This is an anti-DUI program which emphasizes good decision-making for high school juniors and seniors. The program has two phases; phase one is really a simulated accident scene and phase two can be a memorial that includes guest speakers who have lost family members in alcohol related collisions. This system brings the San Jose Schools students as close as you possibly can to losing a loved one, and brings home the fact of an alcohol related impact.

Only For the Kids: Yet another new program that San Jose Schools are participating in may be the Just For The Kids program. If you are interested in literature, you will possibly claim to learn about homepage. Dig up more about publicidad en facebook by browsing our pictorial use with. This helps schools and communities compare their schools to similar schools in-the state. Parents and teachers can access the Just For The Children website at The data is free and offers clear to see data on every public college in California, including San Jose Schools. The information was created to aid communities and schools increase student achievement.

Opportunity: On Monday, April 2nd the non-profit California Dictionary Project, along with San Jose Schools and 100 volunteers in the area, may deliver dictionaries to any or all 3rd quality San Jose Schools students. Founded in 2002, the California Dictionary Project has distributed more than 75,000 dictionaries to young ones who attend San Jose Schools.

School Choice: Giving individuals an option in what school their young ones attend is all the rage these days. San Jose Schools meet this demand with magnet programs. The Magnet Schools Assistance Pro-gram in San Jose Schools funds six school websites for that 2004-2007 school years.

Excellent Bilingual Education: Two San Jose Universities - Olinder and Grant Elementary- recently received the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) Seal of Excellence Award. This award honors outstanding bi-lingual education programs..