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A seriesPAK2 of 1-[(4-benzyloxyphenyl)-but-3-enyl]-1H-azoles has become recognized as potent antitubercular agents against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Synthesis of compounds concerned acid catalyzed ring-opening of cyclopropyl ring of phenyl cyclopropyl methanols followed by nudeophilic assault from the azoles within the carbocation ATPase signaling inhibitor intermediates. Various of the compounds 26, 34, and 36 exhibited sizeable antitubercular routines with MIC value as minimal as one.56, 1.56, and 0.61 mu g/mL, respectively, comparable to quite a few standard medicines. These compounds have been also screened against other strains of bacteria and fungi, and number of of them showed good antifungal exercise against A. fumigatus, responsible for lung selleck chem C646infection.